Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I operate slow-scan TV (SSTV) using sound card software.

Q I operate slow-scan TV (SSTV) using sound card software. Last week I upgraded my PC to the Windows ME operating system and now my SSTV software is acting up. According to what I see on the display, I am grossly overdriving the sound card input. Reducing the LINE INPUT volume control on the sound card mixer helps, but I have to practically take the level to zero (and it is very touchy). Is this a problem with Windows ME?

A In an indirect way, yes. If you did a full installation of
Windows ME (not just an upgrade), chances are it loaded
a Microsoft sound card driver automatically. Depending on the type of sound card you own, the Microsoft driver can cause some strange behavior. If you still have your original sound card software, I suggest that you reinstall the original drivers. If not, go to the Web site of the company that made your sound card and download the drivers from there. 

From QST April 2001