Sunday, July 4, 2010

I changed the video resolution on my shack PC and ...

Q I changed the video resolution on my shack PC and now, when booting into Windows, I get a screen filled with lines. I can’t see a thing! Is there any way to fix this?

A This problem is usually caused by setting the display to use a color palette or resolution that cannot be supported by either your video card or monitor. Turn on your PC and listen carefully for a beep, or wait until you see something that says “Starting Windows 95” (or 98). Quickly press your F8 key just once. If you’re successful you should see a Windows start-up menu. Select option 3 to enter the so-called “Safe Mode.” Once you’ve fully booted up in Safe Mode, click on Start/Settings/Display, then click on the settings tab. Decrease the desktop area to 640×480 and set the color palette to 256 colors. Almost every video card and monitor in the known universe will support these settings.

Re-boot your computer and you should have a normal display once more. Don’t play with your settings again until you’ve read your video card and monitor manuals thoroughly!

From QST October 1999