Saturday, June 26, 2010

I just installed a Creative Labs “SoundBlaster” AWE64 sound card in my shack ...

Q I just installed a Creative Labs “SoundBlaster” AWE64 sound card in my shack PC to replace my old SoundBlaster 16. My kids use the computer for games and homework and they wanted the enhanced sound capability. I wanted to try SSTV and the new PSK31 HF digital mode using the sound card as well. The problem is that Windows 95 keeps telling me that the AWE64 is not working, even though it detects it, and it insists that my old SoundBlaster 16 is still present! I’m confused.

A So is your computer! It sounds like you need to do a clean sweep of the Windows 95 SoundBlaster driver files, purging the old SoundBlaster 16 drivers and loading the new AWE64 drivers.

  1. Grab the file SBW9XUP.EXE on the Web from http:// This will give you a complete set of the very latest AWE64 drivers.
  2. Run the file in an empty directory to unzip it.
  3. On your Windows 95 task bar, go to START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL, SYSTEM and, finally, DEVICE MANAGER.
  4. Go to the “sound, video, and game controllers” line.
  5. Remove all sound card listings.
  6. Go back to START and restart your computer in the MS-DOS mode.
  7. Go to the “c:\windows” directory.
  8. Delete awe*.*.
  9. Go to the “c:\windows\system” directory.
  10. Delete sb*.*, wfm*.*, csp*.*, and cif*.*
  11. Go to the “c:\windows\inf” directory.
  12. Rename *.bin to *.cli
  13. Reboot the computer.
  14. When your PC detects the AWE64 and asks for a CD-ROM or diskette, do not insert it. Instead, click on the BROWSE button and go to the directory where you unzipped the SBW9XUP.EXE file.
  15. Let your PC pull the drivers from there.

Once your computer pulls the drivers and finishes booting to Windows, you should have everything installed correctly.

From QST May 1999