Thursday, June 24, 2010

“check logs.” What are check logs?

Q When looking at the contest results in QST I often see a reference to “check logs.” What are check logs?

A Check logs are logs that, for various reasons, are not eligible for entry into the contest. A log that is submitted past the entry deadline, or one that arrives on time but can’t be used because of uncorrectable format problems, may be listed as a check log. A log might also be designated as a check log if there were discrepancies in the contest exchanges being sent, or if numerous scoring errors are discovered. By designating a log as a check log, it is listed in the results so that people know that station did submit a log to the Contest Branch. At times, participants may also submit logs for log-checking purposes only rather than as a competitive entry.

Don’t confuse check logs with logs used for crosschecking purposes by contest officials. With improved software and computer techniques, all logs that are submitted to Headquarters in electronic format are now being crosschecked against one another to ensure more accurate and complete contest score reporting.

From QST May 1999